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Ruskin TDP05K Advanced Thermal Dispersion Airflow... The TDP05K Advanced Thermal Dispersion Airflow and Temperature Measuring Probe is a highly accurate thermal dispersion airflow and temperature measuring probe. Multiple velocity and temperature points on one or more probes installed in the duct or plenum are averaged to arrive at air measurements. 3:45 207 true Find the TDP05K from Ruskin here. RLE Technologies Sensing Cable and Leak Detection To see why RLE Technologies is the worldwide leader in leak detection, take a look at how quickly and clearly their sensing cable and controllers work. 1:05 206 false Find RLE Technologies Leak Detection products here. Georg Fischer Signet Magmeter Flow Sensor Parts The 2551 Magmeter is an insertion style magnetic flow sensor that features no moving parts — and the 2552 and 8550 flow transmitter from Georg Fischer Signet are also advanced flow solution products. 3:29 205 false Find Georg Fischer Signet products here. APG Ultrasonic and Magnetic Flow sensors APG creates innovative and differentiated products for industrial process measurement and control such as ultrasonic sensors, magnetic flow meters, digital pressure gauges, and more. 4:21 204 false Find APG Sensors products here. Wattstopper DT-300 Occupancy Sensor The DT-300 Series Dual technology Ceiling Sensors combine the benefits of passive infrared (PIR) and ultrasonic technologies to detect occupancy. 2:37 202 false Find the Wattstopper DT-300 right here. FieldServer EZ Gateway from Sierra Monitor The EZ Gateway Modbus to BACnet is a quick and easy integration solution — an easy-to-use, high-performance protocol gateway. 5:08 201 false Find the FieldServer EZ Gateway right here. FieldServer BACnet Router from Sierra Monitor Sierra Monitor's BTL-Certified FieldServer BACnet Router is the complete BACnet internetworking solution for facilities management. 3:29 200 false Find the FieldServer BACnet router right here. Dwyer SMART Air Hood Balancing Instrument The SERIES SAH SMART Air Hood Balancing Instrument is a revolutionary air flow hood, made with rugged polymer construction that represents the smallest and most aerodynamic design in the industry. 6:01 199 false Find the Dwyer SMART Air Hood Balancing Instrument right here. TCS Basys UbiquiSTAT The UbiquiSTAT is a feature-rich, multipurpose touchscreen thermostat for advanced applications. This thermostat can be configured for a variety of conventional, heat pump, and modulating control applications. 6:18 198 false Find the UbiquiSTAT from TCS Basys right here. IDEC RV8 Relays IDEC 6mm interface relays provide a compact solution for general purpose relay requirements. Installation time is greatly reduced with pre-assembled relays and sockets — with either screw connections or spring clamp terminations. 2:23 197 false Find IDEC RV8 relays right here. Setra Systems Power Patrol The Power Patrol is designed with the HVAC controls contractor in mind. With its quick and simple installation, time studies have proven that the Power Patrol can help contractors save up to 50% on labor costs. 3:28 195 false Find the Setra Systems Power Patrol right here. Functional Devices WiFi RIB New from Functional Devices, this WiFi RIB relay features a built-in web page that allows you to perform setup and configuration options from your smart phone, laptop, or any WiFi-enabled device. 4:56 191 false Find both the RIBTW2401B-WIUI-N4 and RIBTW24B-WI-N4 on this page. Solidyne CS-30 Current Switch What's so unique about the CS-30 current switch from Solidyne — besides its dynamite price? Give us just a minute and sixteen seconds and we'll tell you all about it! 1:16 187 false Find the CS-30 current switch from Solidyne right here. IDEC PS6R Industrial Power Supply Highly efficient and ultra compact, PS6R power supplies offer a built-in expansion slot that allows use of DC-DC converters, allowing users to add 5V and 12V outputs with a simple plug-in module. It's like having three power supplies in one! 2:17 181 false Find IDEC PS6R power supplies right here. ALP Series NEMA 1 Enclosures Made in the USA, these great-looking, very reasonably priced steel enclosures feature perforated metal back panels for simple mounting of your HVAC controls, pre-punched mounting holes, and key locks. Available in four popular sizes and three great colors, they are an excellent, convenient alternative to the RET enclosures you may have been buying. 1:51 177 false Find the ALP Series NEMA 1 enclosures right here. Setra MRG and MRC Universal Differential Pressure Transducers Reasonably priced and flexible enough to cover all types of installations in one unit, the MRG and MRC differential pressure transducers from Setra save installation time and money as well as inventory costs. 3:04 176 false Find the MRG and MRC from Setra right here. Prefabricated HVAC Control Panels Is it cost effective to make your own HVAC panels? That answer will vary from project to project, but the fact is that the electricians and engineers at have the experience, automation capabilities, and high quality standards to deliver on-time, on-budget custom panels to meet any HVAC application. 3:21 169 false Configure your custom HVAC panels from right here. IR-TEC Occupancy Sensors IR-TEC occupancy sensors are unique in the industry in that they do not require the purchase and installation of a separate power pack in order to integrate them with your building automation system. :58 162 false Find IR-TEC occupancy sensors right here. PECO Performance Pro Programmable Thermostats Now available on are the PECO Performance Pro line of thermostats. From universal design to universal programming, these programmable thermostats have been designed for speed and flexibility and are simple to install and are easily configured via computer and SD card. 2:40 160 false Find PECO Performance Pro thermostats right here. BAPI EZ Pressure Sensors The BAPI EZ Pressure Sensor unit is the simplest pressure sensor on the market, featuring a revolutionary mounting system that allows for din rail, snap track or surface mounting. The EZ Pressure Sensor is also smaller for tight-fit applications. 3:59 159 false Find BAPI EZ Pressure sensors right here. BAPI Low Profile Button Temperature Sensor In rooms where aesthetics are as important as temperature sensing, the BAPI Button Sensor is a perfect solution. Small, unobtrusive and extremely simple to mount, the low profile Button Sensor is only 7/8" in diameter and can be painted to blend in with the color of any wall. 1:13 158 false Find BAPI Low Profile Button sensors right here. BAPI-Guard Thermostat Protector The BAPI-Guard provides great-looking and durable protection for your thermostat controls, as well as exceptional air flow. Watch this video all the way to the end to see just how tough the BAPI-Guard can be! 1:14 157 false Find BAPI-Guard thermostat protectors right here. BAPI Flexible Probe Mounting Bracket The BAPI Flexible Probe Mounting Bracket makes your life easy when you're installing averaging probes or free stats. Avoid kinking to the flexible probe by installing with a minimum bend diameter of 2" in diameter. 0:57 156 false Find the BAPI Flexible Probe Mounting Bracket right here. BAPI Wireless Sensors, Receivers, and more BAPI wireless and wifi sensors, receivers, output modules, servers and repeaters make DDC installations easier, faster and more efficient. 2:17 155 false Find all our BAPI wireless products right here. Calectro UG-7 Duct Smoke Detector Installation Calectro introduces the UG-7 single tube duct smoke detector, specifically designed for the United States market. This video details how to install the Uniguard 7 in ventilation systems. 4:00 153 false Find Calectro duct smoke detectors right here. Neptronic BACnet I/O Boards The Neptronic CMMB BACnet I/O board is a great extension to any building automation system where more input/output points are needed. Priced more cost effectively than most proprietary controllers, the CMMB allows HVAC control contractors to pick up the extra points that they may need at a fraction of the cost. 4:05 150 false Find Neptronic CMMB BACnet I/O boards right here. Vynckier Enclosures Manufactured both in the U.S. and Europe, Vynckier enclosures are non-metallic, NEMA 4X enclosures for wet or corrosive environments. With a wide range of sizes, they're built for strength, durability and a solid seal, as well as a number of other innovative design touches that set their products apart from others in the industry. 3:07 0 false Find Vynckier enclosures right here. Leviton ODC Occupancy Sensors The new ODC series of occupancy sensors from Leviton features a number of innovations, including a light level sensor that can be pointed in various directions in order to gather daylight levels from a window or elsewhere. 4:06 82 false Find Leviton ODC occupancy sensors right here. Calectro Duct Smoke Detectors Uniquely designed and innovatively manufactured, Calectro duct smoke detectors feature an extremely accurate, single-tube solution that's quick to install and easy to set up. 4:07 38 false Find Calectro duct smoke detectors right here. Keri Systems Access Control Solutions Buildings have doors, and doors have locks. If you're in charge of integrating building automation controls, then you need to consider how access controls fit into your overall control strategy — and Keri Systems is one of the world's most popular providers of access control and integrated security systems. 1:28 79 false Find Keri Systems access control products right here. C2G Patch Cables for HVAC, Building Automation Projects We've looked long and hard for a patch cable supplier that we thought would be the best fit for our control contractor customers — and we've found it with C2G, formerly known as Cables to Go. In our online marketplace, you can now buy C2G patch cables in lengths from 6" all the way up to 150 feet. You can get them in blue, grey, or orange — but we can also get any color and any length that you need. 1:44 133 false Find C2G patch cables and accessories right here. HK Instruments DPT-Flow and FloXact Airflow Measurement The DPT-Flow and FloXact are the most technologically advanced airflow transducers on the market, measuring volume flow, velocity, and static and differential pressure for building automation systems. Using a backlit display and simple, step-by-step push-button configuration, the DPT-Flow can be quickly customized to measure and monitor highly-accurate in-duct volume flow, velocity or differential pressure, airflow at centrifugal fans and dampers and much more. 2:12 62 false Find both the FloXact and DPT-Flow right here. American Auto-Matrix BBC-SD Touchscreen BAS Display The BBC-SD Touchscreen BAS Display from American Auto-Matrix is an innovative, simple-to-use, and affordable way to provide local touchscreen control to any building automation system, and it interacts with any BACnet device regardless of manufacturer. 3:51 130 false Find both the BBC-SD and BBC-SD PRO right here. Telaire Handheld CO2 Monitoring The Telaire 7001 handheld CO2 monitor can help contractors consult with their customers about demand control ventilation solutions — and what's more, by inputting data logged through the device into the Telaire Energy Savings Calculator software, contractors can predict and plan for building-wide energy savings over time (please note: the Energy Savings software linked below is not compatible with Windows 8). 3:23 135 false Download the Telaire Energy Savings Calculator software on this page. Leviton Occupancy Sensors Specially designed for use in the HVAC building automation market, Leviton occupancy sensors do not require the purchase of a separate power pack for operation — so installation and maintenance are quicker and simpler than ever. What's more, they're UL-listed, extremely accurate and reliable. 3:12 83 false Find Leviton occupancy sensors right here. Setra Systems Sure-Set Split Core Current Switch This new split core current switch (SSC) from Setra provides a completely innovative approach to calibration and installation — and because it eliminates the need to adjust a set point on a live circuit, there's no arc flash hazard. 3:25 110 false Find the Setra SSC Sure-Set right here. BAPI Blü-Test Bluetooth Temp and Humidity Probe The BAPI Blü-Test is a handheld probe that interfaces via wireless Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet. Just purchase the probe and downloaded the free Blu-Test app to your Bluetooth-enabled Android device. Log temp and humidity test data with time stamps and locations, email logging data right from your smartphone, and more. 1:41 131 false Find the BAPI Blü-Test right here. KMC Controls FlexStat — BACnet, Ethernet, and I.P. The FlexStat is a BACnet advanced application controller and sensor in a single, attractive package that creates a flexible solution to stand-alone control challenges or BACnet network challenges in any size of commercial and industrial buildings. 1:15 138 false Find KMC Controls FlexStat products right here. Industrie Technik — 25% Off Selected Products Right now you can save money on selected air and liquid flow and freezestat products from Industrie Technik. Just watch this video to see the qualified product numbers, then enter those part numbers in our site's search box. The parts will be discounted in your online order. Quantities are limited, so get them today! 1:26 163 false c3controls Panel Devices c3controls is a US-based manufacturer of commercial-grade pilot devices for building automation control panels: pushbuttons, selector switches, pilot lights, terminal blocks and much more. Their products feature a lifetime warranty and are guaranteed same-day shipping — which means that you can easily and quickly find the panel devices you need without the long lead times that other brands require. 1:46 35 false Find c3controls panel devices right here. Belimo Universal Globe Valve Actuators and Retrofit Linkage Belimo New Generation Globe Valve Actuators and Retrofit Linkages offer greater power and flexibility. Engineered to suit a broad range of HVAC applications, both the New Generation Actuators and Retrofit Linkages are highly adaptable — making selection, installation, and long-term service worry-free. 2:35 33 false Find Belimo globe valve actuators and retrofit linkages right here. Neptronic VAV Controllers and Thermostats The Neptronic EVC controller is a user-friendly actuator device that is quickly and simply connected to its thermostat. The EVC can also communicate with other controllers in your system via BACnet protocol, making repeat configurations quick and easy. What's more, access to testing, balancing and BACnet configuration is easily gained directly through the thermostat's LED front-panel controls. 5:38 139 false Find Neptronic thermostat and controller products right here. HK Instruments Pressure, Air Flow, CO2 and More HK Instruments is a Finnish manufacturer of technologically advanced differential pressure devices, air flow, CO2 sensors and more. They're user-friendly, highly accurate, and utilize the company's unique e-Zero calibration functionality. 3:54 137 false Find HK Instruments products right here. E+E Elektronik Wall Mount Temp, Humidity and CO2 Sensors E+E Elektronik offers a robust line of wall-mount combination temperature, CO2, humidity sensors with a slim, attractive design. They've got easily-removable backplates, which allow ease of installation; the option to include an LED display or not; auto-calibration sensing technology; and an overall dedication to quality, accuracy and great design. 4:21 43 false Waterline Controls® Cooling Tower Controls Waterline Controls manufactures water level controls for water cooling towers that integrate with building automation systems, and their 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime limited warranty ensure dependability. 4:19 128 false Find Waterline Controls products right here. E+E Elektronik EE160 Temperature and Humidity Sensors The EE160 sensor by E+E Elektronik is a cost-effective, highly accurate and reliable solution for measuring relative air humidity and temperature, with an enclosure that minimizes installation costs and provides outstanding protection against contamination and condensation. What's more, the sensor has been designed with a proprietary coating for optimal performance in harsh environments. 3:22 42 false Find the E+E Elektronik EE160 temp and humidity sensor right here. BAPI Wireless Asset Monitoring (WAM) Working with any BAPI wireless sensor/transmitter to monitor temperature, humidity, doors and motion, the BAPI web-based Wireless Asset Monitoring (WAM) system allows users to use their computers, laptops, smart phones and more to monitor wireless sensors/transmitters from any web browser. 4:46 132 false Find BAPI Wireless Asset Monitoring (WAM) products right here. Aaxeon Technologies Media Conversion Products Why do you need your CAT-5, RS-232 and 485 wired connections converted to fiber optics? Because your automation controls project might have remote buildings that need to be connected over a distance of more than 100 yards. Aaxeon Technologies manufactures copper-to-fiber conversion products that will make your jobs easier. 1:26 2 false Find Aaxeon Technologies media conversion products right here. Functional Devices PSH550-UPS-STAT UPS and Enclosure The PSH550-UPS-STAT is an enclosed 550VA power supply that can be used in critical environment applications such as hospitals, labs and research facilities. The unit provides a 550VA commercial UPS along with an enclosure and an interface board which allow you to hardwire line voltage to the provided UPS while giving the ability to hardwire the UPS to the final load. 2:22 55 false Find the Functional Devices PSH550-UPS-STAT right here. Panel Devices — Here's What We've Got. From selector switches to pushbuttons, terminal blocks, label makers, strobes, wire ducts and so much more, carries hundreds of different panel devices for every controls application — from our industry's leading manufacturers, at great prices. 1:13 140 false Find all of our Panel Devices right here. Echelon Control System Integration Technology Echelon offers a full line of servers, routers and software on Additionally, we have in our online catalog a number of manufacturers who integrate LON technology into their products, such as Automation Components (ACI), BAPI, Viconics and more. 1:01 47 false Find Echelon products here. Eaton Versatile and Innovative Panel Devices Eaton offers a robust and versatile line of 22mm pushbuttons, pilot lights and switches. From selector switches to push buttons, LED pilot lights, illuminated and non-illuminated devices — and more than enough selection and versatility to fit any application. 4:49 44 false Find Eaton Panel Devices here. RLE Technologies SeaHawk Leak Detection Products RLE Technologies SeaHawk Leak Detection products detect and annunciate the presence of any conductive fluid and can include leak detection cable, zone controllers, distance read controllers, spot detectors and more, and can be configured for web-based monitoring solutions. 4:53 142 false Find RLE Technologies SeaHawk Leak Detection Products here. Poteau Panel Shop Versa-Cab Enclosures Poteau Panel Shop Versa-Cab enclosures are different — and better — than your usual steel-manufactured panels. 1:38 98 false Find Poteau Panel Shop Versa-Cab Enclosures here. Tasseron Sensors and Controls The QwikSeries of temperature sensors and controls from Tasseron have been designed to save time and money by eliminating the need for wirenuts, and instead providing building automation control contractors the ability to install temperature and duct sensors quickly and efficiently. 4:07 115 false Find Tasseron Temperature sensors here. Blue Ridge Controllers and Panels Blue Ridge Technologies designs lighting control products made for integration with HVAC building automation controls. The LX5 controller from Blue Ridge Technologies has a number of features and functions that make it unique to the control industry. 3:06 161 false Find Blue Ridge Technologies Controllers and Panels here. Functional Devices RIBs at Half Price — limited quantities! 1:57 50 false ACI Accessories — The Complete Line 1:57 3 false ACI Averaging Temperature Sensors 1:40 19 false ACI Current Sensors 1:54 124 ACI Duct and Immersion Enclosures 1:27 6 ACI Humidity Sensors 2:36 18 ACI Pressure Sensors 2:03 20 ACI Room Humidity Sensors 1:41 17 Belimo Fire Smoke Damper Actuators It's a common misconception that, in buildings where fire smoke actuators have become old or obsolete, that the entire damper/actuator assembly needs to be replaced. In fact, in many cases local codes require that only the actuator needs to be updated, and Belimo offers a robust line of products for every building application. 3:02 31 false Find Belimo Fire Smoke Actuators here. Belimo Jackshaft Adaptors In the past, it's become more and more difficult to mount an acutator on a jackshaft without needing to take apart a large portion of it — so Belimo has created a jackshaft adaptor that can be mounted in between the jackshaft and the actuator, allowing contractors to install the actuators in minutes in instead of hours. 6:01 23 Find Belimo jackshaft adaptors here. Belimo Pressure Independent Valves and Actuators 4:07 32 Brady BMP21-PLUS Handheld Label Printers Tough on the outside. Smart on the inside. The BMP21-PLUS portable label printer takes on the toughest labeling jobs in the field. With smart automatic formatting, all you need to do is drop a label cartridge in, type and print. Simple, quick, and durable for all applications. 2:41 34 false Find the Brady BMP21-PLUS handheld label printer here. c3controls Panel Devices offers a complete line of products from c3controls. Their robust line of panel devices are made in the USA, can be ordered via same-day shipping, and the prices are usually less than other panel device manufacturers. 2:42 164 false Find c3controls panel devices right here. Connect-Air International Wire & Cable With seven Connect-Air warehouses that stock cables specifically designed for HVAC, building automation and security and fire alarm applications, adding wire and cable to your order is a no-brainer. 4:29 39 false Find Connect-Air International Wire & Cable products right here. Danfoss Variable Speed Drives with Integrated BACnet Danfoss variable speed drives now feature built-in BACnet cards that are ready to integrate the drive with your building automation system without needing to make a separate purchase. 1:43 134 Find Danfoss variable speed drives right here. E+E Elektronik EE65 Air Velocity Transmitter EE65 air velocity transmitters are ideal for accurate ventilation control applications and operate on an innovative hot film anemometer principle. The E+E thin film sensor guarantees very good accuracy at low air velocity, which is not possible for conventional anemometers with commercial temperature sensors. 2:15 165 Find E+E Elektronik EE65 air velocity transmitters right here. Functional Devices Half-Light The Half-Light ballast controller from Functional Devices can save up to 50% of energy consumed by lighting. Installed in minutes, the Half-Light is activated by a regular light switch, yet defaults to its lowest light level when the switch is thrown once — so in a four-bulb fixture, only two light up initially, which is usually sufficient. If more light is desired, the user hits the switch again and all of the bulbs light. 1:51 53 false Find Functional Devices Half-Light ballast controllers right here. Telaire HumiTrac Humidity and Temperature Sensors 2:40 59 Telaire Psyclone Protimeter Thermo-Hygrometer 2:08 57 Telaire Ventostat 8000 Series 3:47 136 IDEC Power Supplies 2:04 75 KMC Controls FlexStat 1:44 81 PECO Thermostats and Controllers 3:25 141 Pegasus CCTV Products 0:33 97 Setra Systems SRPM and Second-Generation SRCM The SRPM (Setra Room Pressure Monitor) and second-generation SRCM (Setra Room Condition Monitor) feature full-color touchscreens, programmable alarm points, audible and visual alarms, push-button zeros, andare available with BACnet protocol. 2:21 144 Find Setra Systems SRPM and SRCM products right here. Setra Systems Pressure, Current and Humidity Sensors 0:39 103 Setra Systems Multi-Sense Model 231 1:51 109 Setra Systems Room Condition Monitor (SRCM) 1:38 145 Setra Systems Room Pressure Monitor (SRPM) Installation 5:22 143 Space Age IF 2 2:39 112 Space Age Electronics Infinity Series The Space Age Electronics Infinity Series is a modular system of building controls, security, fire alarms and more. Infinity products can be mixed, matched and configured in pretty much any way you need. 2:06 114 false Find Space Age Electronics Infinity products here. Space Age SL2000 3:18 113 Viconics 1:35 116 Waterline Controls® Water Level Management Demo 4:58 118 Wattstopper Digital Light Management 4:37 117