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alpscontrols.com - Both an eCatalog and Essential Resources 1:23 149 false The # Sign Helps You Find the Exact Part You Want How do you use the # sign on alpscontrols.com? It's simple: when you see the # sign in a part number, it simply means that that part has options or attributes that you need to choose when you add the part to your online shopping cart. 2:10 84 false Adding Non-Catalog Parts To Your Order Have you searched for a product on our site that you couldn't find? It's not that we don't have it; we just don't have it yet! With the help of our crackerjack product and technical support people, you can add pretty much any product not in our catalog onto your order. 2:28 65 false Browsing For Products 2:00 89 false Creating Frequently Ordered Product Lists 1:47 147 false Creating a Project Quote Creating a project quote online saves you time and money by helping you easily add parts, quantities, and tags to a quote online. Then you can print or forward the quote to your customer, add the entire quote to a project or your shopping cart, and more. 5:06 151 false Finding Account Aging Reports 1:18 68 false Finding Monthly New Products In an online marketplace like ours, you can't expect all of those millions of products to magically appear online all by themselves. We add new parts every day, totaling thousands by the end of every month. In this video, we show you how to peek inside to see what's new in our online marketplace any time you want. 2:16 193 true Finding Product Specification Sheets 1:16 66 false Hundreds of Categories, Millions of Products Our customers enjoy finding specific parts in our online marketplace — but it's important to remember that we offer millions of products that you probably also need to complete your entire project. 1:42 148 false Material Products List/Valve Schedule Uploading If you've got a valve schedule or specification sheet listing out all of the HVAC, building automation and lighting control products that you need to buy for a project, there's no quicker and easier way to add all of those to your online shopping cart than by uploading the whole list to alpscontrols.com. It takes minutes instead of hours! 5:16 67 false Need immediate help? Try our Live Support button. If you've got questions, our extraordinary support staff are standing by, ready to help. For immediate answers on products, applications, shipping, your account or more, just click the Live Support Online button on our homepage and within a minute we'll be chatting with you in real time. 0:59 64 false Requesting a Return Material Authorization (RMA) 2:15 86 false Placing Orders and Credit Card Orders 3:33 85 false Remember to Log In! 3:46 69 false Searching For Products 1:59 88 false Tracking Your Orders 1:09 87 false